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5/22 /// Version 6 of phippy.com put online for viewing.
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Last Updated May 11, 2002

3/2/02 - Phippy Host has been redesigned. Enjoy the new design!

10/21/01 - The site SoLow Online is now listed under the hosted sites section. SoLow Online is the home of the music artist SoLow who can be seen on MP3.com. We are proud to be hosting this page as it represents the diversity of websites we are currently hosting.

8/17/01 - The new redesigned Phippy Host page goes live today with a slick new look. All the same content is still here but is now presented to you in a more formal way, thus allowing for all information to be digested in the most simple way. Phippy Host has also become more browser friendly. There had been problems in the past with the old designs in other browsers, but the majority of these problems are now gone except for one major one which is being worked on. In the mean time check out our site, and the work that has been done thus far with everything in relation to Phippy Host.



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