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This is The Mono Stereo, a unique site for all those with very deep opinions as well as who enjoy venting. As long as people have opinions and at least submit them to me then this site will hopefully be around. If you click the Start button you will see opinions and rants concerning items in the world that need to be started, as opposed to when you click Stop and see opinions and rants about stuff stopping. This is also a similar item between Good and Bad, the Good section having opinions on good things, while the Bad section includes items on bad things. Then there is the mystery Ask button, I bet you can't guess what it is. In such a way is The Mono Stereo organized... why you ask? Because I say so...

- Jon Cox





This is the new stuff that will be added, you see it is new stuff.


If we had any legal information it would go here. Oh wait, yeah... The text on this site is not necessarly the views of the sites creaters, blah blah blah blah...