His Personal Goals


        Octavian's personal goals were that he wished to become a strong leader for Rome, and wanted the actions that he completed for Rome to be ones that showed great power from his rulings even after he would leave. Octavian knew what he had to do in order to be a strong leader for Rome, thus providing people with better lives then they had before, and hopefully changing the city's likelihood of success in the future. To be the strong leader that he wanted to be for his city, he had to treat the citizens of it as to not cause them anger towards him, and cause a revolt. Through Octavian's task of taking over the power of Rome, he gradually took away from the Senate, but did not bluntly let them know that he was taking their power away for himself, but rather he treated them with respect, addressing them by their full names and attending any of the events he was invited to. With the task of taking someone's power away a little at a time, a person of that time would have had to know that it was for the best of Rome, and this showed through that Octavian wanted the best for Rome. As the power went away from the Senate, he cast out Senators that were unworthy of the position and filled their places with people he felt were capable of the job, such as provincial governors and army commanders. By this replacing of leaders in the Senate, after Octavian's death Rome would have a better chance of surviving, with having more suitable people to help rule it. Octavian knew the kind of leader he wanted to be in Rome, as it showed through the many actions he completed, with the results showing peace in Rome, as well as prosperity in the people.
         By knowing that he wanted to a good leader though, Octavian made decisions that the people of Rome may have not wanted him to make, while he knew that it would be a mistake if he did it. One such wish was when a dictatorship was offered to Octavian. Octavian knew that a dictatorship would not provide the best ruling for Rome during that time, and quickly declined the offer. Such actions that took into account the way Rome was ruled, and projects that were started by Octavian such as the beautifying of the city, showed that it was in his deepest interest to see Rome succeed. Rome's previous leaders pale in comparison to all that Octavian did for Rome, demonstrating the amount of time Octavian put into Rome during his lifetime. This time had a definite impact on the quality of life after Octavian's ruling, and gave the city the chance to become even greater.

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