Goals For the State


         Octavian's goals for the state were that he wanted to leave the Rome in a better condition then we he started ruling it, and to restore the republic to Rome. Through this restoration of many different things in Rome, including the addition of many artistic items, Octavian showed to the people of Rome that he cared about what happened and did his best to try to make everything the best it could be. Octavian showed that his leadership qualities were ones of much skill, showing that he knew what to do in order to make his ruling the best that Rome had had before, especially to show the people of Rome that he enjoyed art, and wanted to spend money to support it. Octavian was once quoted by saying that he had found the city in brick, and left it in marble, showing his love for the city by allowing it look good, so as to show the people that when he ruled the city it would not grow old and crusty. Octavian showed his leadership qualities to for the state with his expert military sense as well. Octavian made many claims, including Spain, Gual, Egypt and Armenia during his time, and through these acquisitions he demonstrated his military power to the people of Rome. Aside from just showing the people of Rome his power though, it showed other countries around him that Rome was not entirely peaceful, and that it could still put up a battle if it needed to. Octavian during his rulings was very intelligent and knew how to get what he wanted to happen, to happen, without leaving the public vulnerable though. Octavian showed his political leadership qualities when he declared that the Republican Government was restored, with this, offering to resign from the consul, but instead of accepting the Senate gave him the position of princeps, and gave him the name Augustus, which means "revered one". The Senate did not want to part with Octavian for his vast army and personal wealth, so they let him control Gual, Syria, Spain and Egypt, all with large areas of troops stationed within them, giving Octavian almost total control over the military.
         Octaivan then resigned as consul and became proconsul, while also being granted the title of tribune, who's job was to represent the citizens of Rome. These two positions gave him all the powers of an emperor, without all the other problems that came with it, but in this way, he still represented the people of Rome and could rule them more fairly without the chances of hatred about him. Using the power of politics in this way, Octavian showed he knew how to use his intelligence to get around a problem, and solve something in different ways. Using more of his intelligence, Octavian reformed Rome's tax system for the state by taking a census to determine how much each province should pay in taxes. Using this new form of collecting taxes he showed the citizens of Rome he did not just want to receive as much money as he could from them, but that he fairly wanted to tax them, and making paying money to the government feel more right. By using his power in the ways he did, Octavian showed that he could handle ruling Rome, and that by using his intelligence and military power, he could control things in the state to make people understand his actions, and that they would not harm life in Rome, but rather make it better for everyone.

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