Bibliography of Sources


Augustus. “The Deeds of the Divine Augustus.” The Internet Classics Archive. 14 A.C.E. Online. Internet. 28 Oct 2000. Available

* The Deeds of the Divine Augustus was written by Augustus during his lifetime and tells of the deeds he accomplished during his life. These deeds allowed me to find out what Augustus thought what he did was good, and what he thought the outcome of these deeds would be.

Dempsey, Christopher S. “Octavian Augustus.” A Report On Octavian Augustus. 17 Nov 1998. Online. Internet. 28 Oct 2000. Available

* This site, gave a more detailed, but not over detailed explanation of actions that Augustus made in his career and small little things Augustus did that made a big impact on the lives of the people in Rome.

Fagan, Garrett G. "Augustus (31 B.C. - 14 A.D.)." De Imperatoribus Romanis 25 June 1999. Online. Internet. 23 Oct. 2000. Available

* This site was the largest of all the ones I found, and included loads of information on every aspect of Augustus’ life. The site had information that was only slightly related to his life, and gave information that the common person probably would not need to know.

Morford, Mark. “Augustus: Images of Power.” Electronic Text Center. Spring 1995. Online. Internet. 28 Oct 2000. Available

* The site Augustus: Images of Power provided me with some images of things relating to Augustus and descriptions of what those pictures were telling me about Augustus’ life. Through these descriptions I was able to get a better picture of what Augustus was like during his time he ruled Rome.

Nelson, David A., et al. “The Emperor Augustus.” Mediterranean Basin Chronology. 9 Oct 1997. Online. Internet. 26 Oct 2000. Available

* This website provided a basic overview of the life of Augustus and what he accomplished during his time. The site gave information that was clear and not ridden with facts, that made it easily understandable.