Beginning His Career


         Octavian began his career with the help of his uncle Julias Caesar, who at the time of Octavian's birth was the ruler of Rome. Octavian was born September 23, 63 BC, and even when he was first born Caesar favored the child. Through this favoring by Caesar, who was a great ruler at the time, he strengthened his chance of becoming a great leader. Caesar was a very of very high power when he was with Octavian, and if Octavian was to become favorable by him, his chances of becoming something much more were far greater. Upon reaching 15 years of age, Caesar had Octavian elected to the preistly college of the pontrifices, and through this, was giving Octavian an education, and preparing him for the world of the upper class. This education, was something that truly set people apart from the lower and upper classes in those times, so for Octavian to have received an education, it showed the impact that Octavian must have been having on Caesar. In 46 BC, Octavian joined Caesar on a campaign against Pompey in Spain, and demonstrated to Caesar during this journey, his skills in the military and what he was able to accomplish in it. Being sent to Apollonia for more of his education after this campaign, Octavian found only months after that Caesar had been murdered and that he was to be his beneficiary.
         Octavian was the leader of a great army that was once commanded by the late Caesar, and Octavian used this advantage to to occupy Rome and force the Senate to make him consul. Caesar recognized the skills Octavian had since he was born, and because of these skills that Caesar saw in the boy, it gave him later in his life great authority and power to command with, giving way to Octavian becoming somewhat of a leader in Rome. Marc Antony, who used have consul with Caesar, had to create an alliance with Lepidus, who was a high priest and Octavian now, so Rome was divided with Antony controlling East Rome, Octavian controlling West Rome and Lepidus controlling Africa. Octavian, using his skills as a leader that Caesar saw when selecting him, attacked Lepidus and took control of Africa as well as all of Italy. With this conquering, times became tense between Antony and Octavian, especially with Antony divorcing Octavian's sister in favor of Cleopatra, which eventually led to war in 31 BC between the two. Octavian defeated Antony in the battle of Actium, thus becoming the ruler of Rome upon his return. Through this conquering of Rome by Octavian, he showed his thirst for the job, and that he could handle obstacles that might get in his way.

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