Last Updated:
June 22, 2002

Newest Items Listed First Redesign - I came rather close to actually publishing this version of the relaunch, but did not completely like the design and decided to change to current design. I felt this one looked too square and I did not like the logo I made for this page.

Dot Trip - I got this idea while watching some weird TV show, and basically would be some sort of a public news forum where people are able to post news about themselves that no one would really care to read anywhere else. I know that this would have taken programming knowledge though in order to create some sort of CGI script most likely or something, so I never really finished it. I imagine I could use some sort of freeware thing to finish this site, but I don't think there really is any demand for it.

Very Scary! - I actually made this awhile ago but have never put it up on this site yet. Basically I made it around Halloween time to try to get things "scary" or somethin. Anyway, I ended up with a partially working site that never really did anything. The attempted navigation system does not fully work and the links just go to blank pages. Very small amount of time spent on this site, but was meant to try to see if a new design idea might work, which it didn't.

The Online World of Jay Zilch - A site idea that I made revolving around the name Jay Zilch. What I ended up creating was a fictional website that a web-user named Jay Zilch might have used. I tried to incorperate some little effects into the page that make it look like you are using a computer in a way. I also was experimenting with interesting backgrounds and cool logos. Overall I like the site, but I doubt I could write any good content for it.

I'm Gap! - Originally part of the Old School website, this website was an interesting idea at first but was never updated and thus became simply a test. There were still several errors with it in some browsers I believe, and it's interface always loaded rather slow. Ignore the links back to Old School, as they no longer work.

PowerNews - This site was my first attempt at integrating digital video into a website. The idea for this site was an online news broadcast hosted by a stuffed animal with voices-overs. You could view the video in Quicktime format and watch old news broadcasts through archives. What stopped me from doing this site full time was the time it took to create the videos and the space the videos would have taken up on my web host. I still enjoy this site though, as it was something I had never done before.

SuperDEX - This site has been around for awhile now, I just have not listed it here. It was supposed to be sort of a joke site about super heroes you have never heard of, but I never got around to really updating it, so here it is. This site also had a flash intro I created, but it had problems and did not work correctly. If you wish to view the flawed flash intro click here.

The Bulldozer - A VERY small site design I made basically just from a title. I had originally thought that it could be some sort of Online Business Magazine, but the site design I made would not have been very easy to edit so I didn't attempt at a full-featured site.

The Auto Experience - A car site I was trying to make for my friend. This site suffers from flawed design... I never even got the chance to finish the design, so some parts look kinda weird...

Brraod Net - A site I made when I came up with the idea of Big Rick, Rick, Athan, Othy and Bert. Don't ask if you don't know...

The Mono Stereo (Music Version)- An idea I got by listening to the song Kick Start My Heart by Motely Crue. It would be sort of an opinions type site. An interesting idea I think...

EnergySlam - An idea I had while drinking some energy drinks. I really like the design on this site except for the fact that it does not view correctly in Netscape 4. If I actually knew what to put on this site I might have fixed these problems.

Bad Teacher Awards - My friend actually thought up this site idea. I just sorta acted on it and made a very rough site design for it. This project was stopped on account that people did not like it (mainly people involved with school).