OctavianWeb Site devoted to Augustus Octavian, an influencial ruler of Rome.
Zoo Trip Focuses on a trip to the Oregon Zoo, featuring information of many of the animals seen, including photographs.
The Revolutions Cookbook What is the recipe for a revolution? This site puts three well known revolutions into recipe format, breaking down all the necessary components.
John Locke and Thomas Hobbes A comparassion of two highly influencial European politcal thinkers.
When Daylight Comes Book Review A book review designed for elementary age kids concerning the book When Daylight Comes by Ellen Howard.
Union Growth During the Great Depression A look at the growth of the Unions during the great depression. Shows why it happened and what it meant.
The Monopoly and It's Impact On Life What causes a monopoly? Why does it happen? The monopoly is a part of business that continually affects everyone. Find out why they are so powerful.
Shinto and It's Impact on the World Religion is something that affects the lives of many in more ways than they think. Delve into the world of Shinto, deep in the heart of Japan, and discover what it is really about.