Last Updated
April 9, 2003

Scanned! (Located off-site)
A very simple page designed for fun
Phippy.com (Original) Lost
Jon 3000 v1 (Located off-site)  The original Jon3000, this page was made very long ago.
Jon 3000 v2 Lost
Jon 3000 v3 One of the more recent versions of Jon 3000.
Phippy Host v1 - The original "Phippy Host" design.
Phippy Host v1.5 Was never implemented into a website.
Phippy Host v2 Was implemented and lasted about a year.
Phippy Host v2.5 An early design for version 3.
Phippy Host v3 The final design of version 3 minus the mail log-in area.
Phippy.com Old School Was originally a second part of the Jon 3000 site and original Phippy.com site.
Phippy.com Old School v2 A re-design of the same site, but did not last very long.
SpeakLanguageNow! Was never really finished as a site, but was close to being used.
SchoolNet (A.K.A. iSchool) An original site based on showcasing educational sites that were created.
iSchool v2 The second design of iSchool, was used for a short while before a new design was created.
The Test Area v1 The original design that was used for The Test Area for a long time. Has since been replaced with a new design as the old one appeared outdated.
DigitaFX.com An old site made as a spin-off of phippy.com, and instead focused on design. Was forgotten after awhile and eventually killed off.
TempProductions This site was actually made a long long time ago as a temporary site design for a friend (hence the name TempProductions). After the initial design the "client" lost interest.
iLearn v1 Actually created for a client I am not sure about the status of this website. The purpose of the site was to be a main page for people to learn about the iLearn program.
iLearn v1.1 A very slightly modified version of the previous site with several fixed items.
Frogeey's Frog Page v1 A page created for Anna Cox, featuring frogs and other items. Was never finished.
iSchool v3 A short lived design of iSchool, even after it was finished work was started on a version to replace it.
Phippy.com v4 This page exhisted for awhile, but was never very good to begin with. After some time it was finally replaced.